Welcome to the website of the GPE-Academy. We are an innovative and aspiring academy specialised in the advanced training of doctors. Our education is focused on three basic components which could certainly also be booked as individual courses separately. Just choose from the following items below and learn more about our system.


Language Courses

Our language courses are unique throughout Germany. With a specialized syllabus for medical professions we help you to achieve superior language skills within a few month. At the end of which you will gain the C1-level language certificate.

Expertise Revision

Our expertise revision, in cooperation with our partner Medi Learn, prepares you perfectly for the so called “Kenntnisprüfung”. This is the German skills test for the “license to practise medicine” and concerns all international doctors, who would like to work in the Federal Republic of Germany.

“Health Care Management” Studies

Being a medical professional nowadays involves much more than treating patients. You need the skills for documentation, the knowledge about legal affairs as well as the ability to manage quality and hygiene. All of which could be learned at the GPE-academy.



Top Experts


I came from Russia to Germany as a Neurologist. At the GPE Academy I went through the complete training program in less than one year. Now I am working as a resident in a prestigeous German hospital. I could only recommend the GPE Academy to every medical professional.

Alexey Saranov