Medi Learn

Medi Learn has been offering medical revisions for some decades now. They employ outstanding lecturers who, in many cases, also are examiners for various medical tests. They know exactly what counts considering the examination for “the license to practise medicine”. In cooperation with the GPE-Academy the course for international doctors has been optimised and extended by special online tools. The rate of success for our participants concerning the medical knowledge examination lies above 90 percent.

Our scientific advisory board from the University of Bochum
With Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jan Wieseke and Univ.-Prof. Christian Schmitz from the DIV-Institut we had the fortune to gain two excellent extenal members for our scientific advisory board. It is their task to audit the implementation of quality standards in respect of the syllabus, the trainers and the examinations for the “Health Care Management” study.

The GPE Academy is a license partner of Telc. Telc stands for The European Language Certificates. The company offers language examinations within international standards; fair, transperent and reliable. Currently the Telc program provides more than 80 different language examinations in ten different languages. The special Telc gGmbH label “telc training” offers further education programs especially for language teachers. All of our trainers have successfully attended specific further education programs and own the relevant examiner licenses.

ccm-Campus® was founded in 2010 with the goal to make the topic of radiation protection in training courses more than just a neccessary obligation. By involving e-learning with it’s interesting and professionally developed learning content the creators try to arouse more sensitivity for medical ethics, medical processes, quality and effenciency, with a beneficial result for all- the participants, the employers and the patients.

All courses of ccm-Campus® were admitted by the governmental central authority for distance education (ZFU) after being approved for their methodical and didactical design and it’s application; This means ccm-Campus owns a certificate of highest quality.